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Photo of RYAN ALCUMBRACK RYAN ALCUMBRACK Installer 616.799.2033

Photo of JIM DECKER JIM DECKER Steelcase Certified Lead Installer 616.322.4966


Photo of Sam Eyk Sam Eyk Installer

Photo of SHAWN FISKE SHAWN FISKE Director of Facilities & Installations 616.559.2420

Photo of JAMES GANIARD JAMES GANIARD Warehouse 616.334.0008

Photo of JOEL HEFT JOEL HEFT Steelcase Certified Lead Installer 616.291.2136

Photo of Justin Heft Justin Heft Installer

Photo of Tom James Jr. Tom James Jr. Installation Foreman

Photo of Tom James Sr. Tom James Sr. Installation Foreman

Photo of HALEY KURTH HALEY KURTH Operations Administrator

Photo of JEANNE LENHART JEANNE LENHART Resource Scheduler 616.293.3593

Photo of JACOB LORENZEN JACOB LORENZEN Warehouse Manager 616.559.2460

Photo of JOSHUA MULKA JOSHUA MULKA Facility Coordinator 616.292.7808

Photo of NATHAN PEAPHON NATHAN PEAPHON Installer 989.860.3272

Photo of SCOTT ROBERTSON SCOTT ROBERTSON Quality and Installation Foreman 616.292.7884

Photo of TODD ROBERTSON TODD ROBERTSON Installation Foreman 616.881.9710

Photo of BRENT SPEDOWSKI BRENT SPEDOWSKI Installer 231.660.2120

Photo of MIKE VAN DAM MIKE VAN DAM Lead Installer 616.706.7924

Photo of MIKE WICKHAM MIKE WICKHAM Lead Installer 269.420.2039

Photo of KAMI WONDERGEM KAMI WONDERGEM Senior Operations Administrator 616.308.7826

Photo of EARL YOUNG EARL YOUNG Installer 269.209.1980

Photo of STEVE ZAWORSKI STEVE ZAWORSKI Lead Installer 616.723.2582