Photo of Quinton Adkins Quinton Adkins Project Manager
Photo of RYAN ALCUMBRACK RYAN ALCUMBRACK Lead Installer 616.799.2033
Photo of NICK ALLEN NICK ALLEN Sales Advisor | Healthcare 616.862.3931
Photo of TOBI ANDERSON TOBI ANDERSON Sales Advisor | Workplace 616.238.1331
Photo of Jay Begrow Jay Begrow Interior Designer
Photo of AMY BISHOP AMY BISHOP Accounts Payable Specialist/Accounting Assistant 616.559.2414
Photo of PAUL BUTLER PAUL BUTLER AV Installation Technician 616.450.6899
Photo of Keith Calkins Keith Calkins Installation Foreman
Photo of Candi Caraway Candi Caraway Sales Advisor | Workplace
Photo of Irving Carrizales Irving Carrizales Installer
Photo of JERRY CHARON JERRY CHARON Technology Operations Manager 616.450.6966
Photo of MIKE CHRISTE MIKE CHRISTE Sales Advisor | Technology 616.292.6384
Photo of BILL CONNELL BILL CONNELL Systems Design Engineer
Photo of Jonathon Cook Jonathon Cook IT Systems Administrator 616.559.2469
Photo of Ashley Cook, CPA Ashley Cook, CPA Staff Accountant
Photo of ANGELA CRETE ANGELA CRETE Senior Interior Designer, NCIDQ Certificate No. 30959 616.559.2464
Photo of Kelly Crosse Kelly Crosse VP Talent
Photo of DAVID CUSTER DAVID CUSTER Owner, Chairman of the Board
Photo of KAREN CUSTER KAREN CUSTER Events 616.456.0355
Photo of SCOTT CUSTER SCOTT CUSTER VP Real Estate & Investments 616.456.0308
Photo of MICAH DINGMAN MICAH DINGMAN Sales Advisor | Workplace 616.456.0339
Photo of DAVE DRISCOL DAVE DRISCOL VP Sales | Workplace
Photo of NICK DUBOIS NICK DUBOIS Carpenter & CNC Lead 616.862.0511
Photo of RANDY DUBOIS RANDY DUBOIS Renegade Shop Manager 616.540.5874
Photo of Sam Eyk Sam Eyk Installer
Photo of MICHAEL FERNANDES MICHAEL FERNANDES Senior Sales Associate | Workplace 616.559.2421
Photo of DAVE FORSYTHE DAVE FORSYTHE Sales Advisor | Workplace 269.208.5340
Photo of TINA FRAIN TINA FRAIN Lead Project Coordinator – Healthcare | Workplace 616.559.2438
Photo of RUSSELL FURE RUSSELL FURE Sales Advisor | Workplace 906.869.5155
Photo of JAMES GANIARD JAMES GANIARD Warehouse Manager 616.334.0008
Photo of ALEX GENZINK ALEX GENZINK Interior Designer, NCIDQ Certificate No. 30926 616.745.0611
Photo of BETH GODFREY BETH GODFREY Senior Interior Designer 616.456.0353
Photo of Kirk Griffes Kirk Griffes Senior Systems Design Engineer
Photo of Josh Hamilton Josh Hamilton Customer Relationship Manager
Photo of JILL HASCALL JILL HASCALL Sales Associate – Workplace | Education
Photo of JOEL HEFT JOEL HEFT Installation Foreman 616.291.2136
Photo of Justin Heft Justin Heft Installer
Photo of EMILY HEILIG EMILY HEILIG Sales Advisor | Education, LEED AP 616.402.8489
Photo of Tracy Helmus Tracy Helmus Interior Designer
Photo of Caleb Hemmes Caleb Hemmes Production Assistant
Photo of PAUL HENRY PAUL HENRY Lead Interior Designer 616.456.0311
Photo of RALPH HOFFMAN RALPH HOFFMAN AV Installation Technician 616.826.0490
Photo of TERESA HOXSEY TERESA HOXSEY Controller 616.559.2402
Photo of LISA HULL LISA HULL VP Operational Excellence, NCIDQ Certificate No. 14233
Photo of Tricia Jackson Tricia Jackson Director of Marketing & Brand 616.559.2457
Photo of Tom James Jr. Tom James Jr. Installation Foreman
Photo of Tom James Sr. Tom James Sr. Installation Foreman
Photo of KIM JEROME, NCIDQ KIM JEROME, NCIDQ Lead Interior Designer 616.456.0336
Photo of KRISTI KING KRISTI KING Project Manager 616.559.2431
Photo of Shannon Kolarik Shannon Kolarik Sales Advisor | Workplace 616.559.2437
Photo of MEGAN KUZMA, EDAC MEGAN KUZMA, EDAC VP Sales – Healthcare | Workplace
Photo of Cheri LaForest Cheri LaForest Customer Experience Specialist 616.458.6322
Photo of Patrick Lankford Patrick Lankford AV Programmer
Photo of Doug Lavette Doug Lavette AV Installation Technician
Photo of JEANNE LENHART JEANNE LENHART Resource Scheduler & Warehouse Manager 616.293.3593
Photo of KIM LISMAN KIM LISMAN Sales Advisor | Workplace 616.540.1743
Photo of JACOB LORENZEN JACOB LORENZEN Warehouse Manager 616.559.2460
Photo of Jack Luidens Jack Luidens Estimator
Photo of Norato Magana Norato Magana Lead Installer
Photo of KATHY MARSHALL KATHY MARSHALL HR & Organizational Development Manager 616.456.0331
Photo of JANE MINICH JANE MINICH Senior Project Coordinator 269.217.4609
Photo of SARA MOLINA SARA MOLINA VP Design & Development
Photo of Mary Mudgett Mary Mudgett VP Renegade
Photo of JOSHUA MULKA JOSHUA MULKA Facility Coordinator 616.292.7808
Photo of CAITLIN MURDOCK CAITLIN MURDOCK Sales Associate | Technology 616.559.2452
Photo of ASHLEY MURRAY, LEED AP ID+C ASHLEY MURRAY, LEED AP ID+C Interior Designer 269.313.5578
Photo of Emma Nagelkirk Emma Nagelkirk Interior Design Intern
Photo of LORI NEDERVELD LORI NEDERVELD Executive Assistant 616-240-1357
Photo of ASHLEY NEWTON ASHLEY NEWTON Design Strategy Consultant 616.559.2474
Photo of Iain Novak Iain Novak IT Director 616.559.2468
Photo of STEVE PATTERSON STEVE PATTERSON Installation Foreman 616.291.7666
Photo of NATHAN PEAPHON NATHAN PEAPHON Lead Installer 989.860.3272
Photo of AMY PECENY AMY PECENY Director of Design, NCIDQ Certificate No. 015747 616.559.2422
Photo of JODY POOLE JODY POOLE Creative Director 616.456.0328
Photo of AMANDA PRICE AMANDA PRICE Interior Designer 616.456.0335
Photo of NIKKI PROBST NIKKI PROBST VP Business Relations
Photo of GREGG RICHARDSON GREGG RICHARDSON Chief Operating & Financial Officer
Photo of SCOTT ROBERTSON SCOTT ROBERTSON Quality and Installation Foreman 616.292.7884
Photo of TODD ROBERTSON TODD ROBERTSON Installation Foreman 616.881.9710
Photo of Katie Salvati Katie Salvati Interior Designer 616.456.0342
Photo of DIANA SCHIMPF, NCIDQ DIANA SCHIMPF, NCIDQ Lead Interior Designer 269.377.0823
Photo of Claire Shoemaker Claire Shoemaker Project Coordinator
Photo of Colleen Smith Colleen Smith Sales Advisor | Workplace
Photo of Bill Spaulding Bill Spaulding AV Installation Technician
Photo of BRENT SPEDOWSKI BRENT SPEDOWSKI Lead Installer 231.660.2120
Photo of Bo Stover Bo Stover Sales Advisor | Workplace
Photo of BETH SWANSON BETH SWANSON Lead Interior Designer 231.218.8237
Photo of MIKE VAN DAM MIKE VAN DAM Installation Foreman 616.706.7924
Photo of LANA VOELKER LANA VOELKER Sales Market Leader | Education 616.822.0556
Photo of PAT WALKER PAT WALKER Senior Sales Associate – Workplace | Healthcare 269.342.7700
Photo of AMANDA WEISS AMANDA WEISS Senior Interior Designer 616.204.2908
Photo of JEN WERNER JEN WERNER Senior Project Coordinator – Healthcare | Workplace 616.456.0321
Photo of Brian Wheeler Brian Wheeler AV Service Manager 616.990.4577
Photo of MIKE WICKHAM MIKE WICKHAM Installation Foreman 269.420.2039
Photo of VICKI WIGGERS VICKI WIGGERS Lead Sales Associate – Workplace | Healthcare 616.862.4441
Photo of BILL WILLEMSTYN BILL WILLEMSTYN Sales Advisor | Workplace 616.292.5246
Photo of Beth Winger Beth Winger Senior Project Consultant
Photo of Erika Witherspoon Erika Witherspoon Project Manager
Photo of KAMI WONDERGEM KAMI WONDERGEM Senior Operations Administrator 616.308.7826
Photo of EARL YOUNG EARL YOUNG Installer 269.209.1980
Photo of STEVE ZAWORSKI STEVE ZAWORSKI Installation Foreman 616.723.2582
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