New Steelcase Partnerships Expand Our Offering – West Elm, Extremis + More

By  September 19, 2018

West Elm furnitureWith easy access to more choices than ever before, we’re here to help you design great places where people thrive and ideas flourish. Steelcase has announced a number of new partnerships, including with West Elm, that allow Custer to offer new products that meet your workplace needs. Read on!

West Elm

Steelcase is combining its expertise with West Elm to create new kinds of workplace solutions that support the changing preferences of people at work.

Steelcase will offer a collection of West Elm furniture throughout the U.S. and Canada, with availability expected in fall 2018. This partnership builds upon the successful relationship West Elm established in 2015 with Designtex.

Steelcase and West Elm will also design, manufacture and distribute new workplace solutions in West Elm’s signature modern aesthetic, giving businesses access to a more expansive array of choices, through the industry-leading Steelcase dealer network. This unique West Elm collection complements an already extensive Steelcase portfolio, offering a diverse range of options for the changing ways people are working today.

“Steelcase and West Elm share an ethos of improving the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of people at work,” said Allan Smith, Steelcase Vice President of Global Marketing. “Together we will help organizations create inspiring, high-performance workplaces where people can be highly engaged and do their best work.” More information about the collaboration is found at

SnapCab ® SnapCab Pod

The demand for enclosed spaces is high. Office pods are becoming the superhero solution to consistent problems in the workplace like noise, distraction and finding privacy. Steelcase has also partnered with architectural company SnapCab. In 2017, the company won a Best of NeoCon award for the introduction of SnapCab Pod. Through the new relationship, Steelcase will make select SnapCab products available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Steelcase currently offers the IRYS pod in North America. By being the exclusive distributor of SnapCab Pods for corporate environments, the offering has broadened to support the range of people’s needs in today’s open work environments.

Key SnapCab highlights:

  • Simple to install: Thanks to modular construction, clear labeling and plug-and-play electrical connection.
  • Simple to relocate: Whether you want to create a new layout or move a pod over an inch, it’s a quick process that requires pushing the pod to the new desired location.
  • Simple to customize: Supports the use of laminate colors and patterns to achieve design goals.
  • Budget conscious: From a telephone booth for an individual to a pod that can seat up to six people, SnapCab offers three pod sizes at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction.

Extremis outdoor furnitureExtremis

Next up is Extremis, a renowned Belgian furniture design group with a collection of products that focus on outdoor spaces.

The partnership extends extraordinary new choices for outdoor furniture, beyond the Emu collection from Coalesse. It also reduces complexities of the purchase experience. Extremis describes its products as not just furniture, but as “tools for togetherness.” Steelcase offers a collection of Extremis products throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

“Organizations understand that great employee experiences can be enhanced by bringing their people together in inspiring places,” said Allan Smith, Steelcase Vice President of Global Marketing. “Courtyards, patios and other outdoor spaces enhance wellbeing, support hospitality and expand the opportunity for creative collaboration.” Find out more.

Smith System Smith System education furniture

In addition, Steelcase has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Smith System, a Texas-based manufacturer of high quality furniture for the preK-12 education market. The company’s solutions are designed to inspire better learning and improve outcomes for students.

“As education markets continue to grow, the combination of Steelcase and Smith System will create incredible value for our customers,” said Allan Smith, Steelcase Vice President of Global Marketing. “Together, we can help schools create outstanding learning environments where students thrive, such as collaboration spaces, makerspaces and tech labs.”

The acquisition helps advance Steelcase’s growth strategy to offer a broad range of innovative solutions to customers in the education, healthcare and office markets. Steelcase intends to operate Smith System as an independent subsidiary, which will preserve the company’s rich history, agility and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as its existing dealer network. This press release encloses more information.

Custer is proud to bring you insights from our partner, Steelcase.
Custer is proud to bring you insights from our partner, Steelcase.

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