Our Solutions to 9 Common Workplace Challenges

By  September 13, 2018

Today’s workplace looks much different than it did 20, 15, and even 10 years ago. Thanks to technology, most employees can work from any location at any time, and many employers are taking steps to adapt to this new way of work.

At Custer, we know workspaces greatly influence productivity, creativity and connectivity. We understand the array of challenges individuals and teams face, and are dedicated to finding the solution that works best for employees.

Here’s a look at nine common workspace challenges and ways Custer can help organizations create environments that empower employees do to their best work.

The Challenge: Inefficient Real Estate

Inefficient Real Estate

Although work has adapted to the rapid changes in mobility and technology, today’s office space has been slow to catch up. Many older offices have wasted space filled with unused and antiquated furniture, and office expansions aren’t always feasible.

The Solution: Instead of packing up your office and moving into a bigger space, we can help you transform your current office into a space that works for your team. Using tailored furniture, modular systems, and thoughtful power and data planning can create more efficient spaces that allow for growth and maximize available real estate.

The Challenge: Too Much Noise

Too much noise

One of the greatest distractions at work can be others working. From phone calls to nearby conversations to the buzz of an ongoing meeting, the noise in your space can detract from the quality of your work.

The Solution: The first step in solving for noise issues is the use of acoustical ceiling clouds to dampen sound. Soundmasking can also be installed to conceal sound, and enclaves and private work areas can provide quiet zones for heads-down work.

The Challenge: Obsolete Technology


More than ever, distributed teams are working together across distances using technology. Other teams are gathering around digital information in presentations or meetings. But all too often, the technology gets in the way instead of facilitating easy and efficient sharing of information.

The Solution: Incorporating multimedia solutions into existing spaces or installing new solutions can support information-sharing and promote positive digital experiences. From video-conferencing to wayfinding and beyond, our technology team at Custer can design and build multimedia  solutions for every kind of work and workspace.

The Challenge: Attracting & Retaining Top Talent

Attracting & retaining top talent

The search for great people is shared by every employer. In today’s economy, top talent has the option to choose where and how they’d like to work. Routinely, the most supportive and attractive work environments draw in the most talented and engaged workers.

The Solution: We believe it’s important to design and build exceptional environments that connect people and empower them to do their best work. Creating a space that reflects your brand and culture can help you attract the right people for your organization. This can be accomplished through design, interior construction, integrated technology and furniture.

The Challenge: No Space to Collaborate

Crowded meeting room

Face-to-face meetings are often necessary when it comes to making important decisions, discussing big ideas, and working on complex projects. But for many organizations, collaborative space is in short supply. When teams need a place to meet, many organizations either have no available space or the existing space doesn’t support a range of meeting needs.

The Solution: Workspaces should support meetings of every form: impromptu conversations, team huddles, collaborative brainstorming, and conferencing. With the help of our team, we can design and build environments that augment meaningful collaboration through supportive furniture, custom interior architecture, and multimedia solutions.

The Challenge: Employee Disengagement

Employee disengagementResearch shows one in three employees are disengaged at work, costing organizations money, slowing projects, and draining efforts and resources. While many organizations can absorb the cost of a few disengaged workers, most cannot afford sustained unproductivity.

The Solution: Research also suggests that employee engagement and workplace satisfaction are correlated. Creating great spaces are good for organizations. Incorporating furnishings that support good posture, easy connections, movement, and wellbeing can help boost employee engagement and keep productivity high.

The Challenge: Outdated Interiors

Outdated interiors

Old, uninspiring workspaces struggle to support the physical, cognitive, and emotional needs of employees. Without investment in their space, employees can struggle to engage with their work and one another.

The Solution: Through our design and build services, we create inviting environments that encourage choice and control. An old office can be transformed into a new, engaging workplace with furnishings and technology that supports modern methods of work. This creates an opportunity for organizations to showcase their brand and culture in a dynamic way.

The Challenge: Rapidly Growing Team

Rapidly growing teamGrowth is a great thing, that is, until you aren’t able to sustain it. With a team that’s multiplying in size, it can be difficult to give every employee a space while maintaining a productive work environment.

The Solution: We create flexible spaces that can adapt to the size and needs of your team as it grows. We are dedicated to providing an environment that supports the way you work, eliminating excess and inefficient solutions. Modular walls, for example, can help to divide or open up a space.

The Challenge: Disconnected Company Culture

Disconnected company culture

For any organization, your company culture is just as important as developing your finest product or service. But too often the workplace is an overlooked variable in developing company culture, resulting in disconnect between what organizations say they value and what values they actually support.

The Solution: When your work environment reflects and supports your organizational culture, people feel more connected. Our team can work with you to develop a space that supports your organizational identity and brings you closer to the place you want to be.

Custer makes it easy and exciting to renovate your workspace, creating a workspace that fits just right. If one of these workplace challenges sounds familiar, reach out to us today by visiting

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