Pine Rest’s Expansion Offers a Beautiful New Facility for Patients

By  May 18, 2017

Pine Rest
Grand Rapids, MI
May 2017

Custer announced today the completion of Pine Rest’s 35,000-square-foot inpatient facility located on 68th Street in Grand Rapids. The expansion adds 26 beds to Pine Rest’s young adult building and a new contact center. These additions address Pine Rest’s need for more space and enhance accessibility for adolescent and young adult patients.

“Safety was a top priority for the design of the expanded facility. We also wanted to make sure we created a functional and welcoming space for patients, families and staff,” said Custer Healthcare Team Leader Megan Kuzma. “At the end of the day, we wanted the inpatient facility to offer an environment that feels like home, so it was important to select furniture, fabrics and colors that promote comfort and ensure safety.”

Custer provided space planning, fabric and finish selections, digital wallcovering, and artwork for the project. The expanded inpatient facility is a flex bed unit for adolescent and young adult patients, which means rooms can change from an adolescent room to a young adult room depending on patients’ age. Fabrics, furniture and colors were selected to appeal to adolescents and young adults, so rooms could easily transition between the two different age groups, as needed. The new facility also includes 32 new offices and a conference room that uses video conferencing technology provided by Custer.

Pine Rest raised $12.4 million needed to build the expansion through a capital campaign. The entire expansion project took approximately three years to complete. Custer worked closely with Elzinga-Volkers to complete construction and BWBR for architecture services.

“Custer was great to work with because they are truly a full-service firm. Not only did Custer provide furniture, but they also offered custom solutions to meet the needs of our patients, visitors and staff,” said Pine Rest Director of Operations Heather Treib. “Custer took the time to really understand Pine Rest and our unique needs, and identified solutions that would help us take our services to the next level. The Custer team excels at communication, customer service and timeliness, and truly listened to us and went over every detail to ensure it met our expectations.”

Salesperson: Megan Kuzma
Project Manager: Tina Frain
Designers: Beth Bronson & Heather Harrington
Architect: BWBR Architects
Construction: Elzinga-Volkers

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