Four Ways to Weave Nature into the Workplace

By  April 30, 2019

How to weave nature into the workplaceMost people spend 90% of their lives inside – much of it spent glued to some sort of screen, tending to our fast-paced jobs. A recent study found that 50% of employees check work email before getting out of bed in the morning – a jump from 8% reported in 2002.

This attention to technology means we’re often neglecting that human-nature connection we innately crave. Because it’s fresh air, lush greenery and natural lighting that re-energizes us, increases our productivity and improves our wellbeing.

Let’s help solve this dilemma by bringing the outside in through four key considerations:

  1. Nature-inspired materials
  2. Greenery
  3. Fabric
  4. Light

Get the details on these touchpoints to find inspiration.

Custer is proud to bring you insights from our partner, Steelcase.
Custer is proud to bring you insights from our partner, Steelcase.

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