Mercy Health Opens a Warm, Welcoming Office in Hudsonville

By  November 13, 2018

Mercy Health Physician Partners
Hudsonville, MI
March 2018

Custer worked with the staff of Mercy Health Physician Partners, Lab, Ultrasound, Pharmacy, and Urgent Care offices to provide furniture for the newest outpatient center at 3925 32nd Ave in Hudsonville, MI. The new office is a soothing space to treat patients, offering a warm welcome from the waiting area to the patient rooms. 

A variety of seating options in the main lobby, from lounge seating to café height seating, offer visitors choice and control from the moment they enter. Floor-to-ceiling glass partitions in the waiting area and custom-designed Urgent Care check-in desks support patient and staff privacy.

In addition to custom Urgent Care check-in desks, additional custom pieces include a large team table in the Urgent Care staff space, marker boards in each exam room, and communication boards that neatly showcase marketing information in each exam room. The custom elements were designed to enrich the patient experience and support each visitor on their care journey.

Benefitting from a longtime partnership with Mercy Health—with past projects including the Mercy Health Internal Medicine SuiteMercy Health Saint Mary’s, and the Mercy Health Innovation Hub—Custer and the Mercy Health team applied process improvement learnings from previous projects, building off our shared experience to create a space that supports their work.

Salesperson: Jen Werner
Project Manager: Jen Werner
Designers: Yvonne VanWormer (TowerPinkster) & Amanda Weiss (Custer)
Architect: TowerPinkster
Construction Company: Triangle Associates

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Jen Werner

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