Phase II of Mary Free Bed Renovation Reveals Bright, Beautiful Lobby

By  January 16, 2017

Grand Rapids, MI
September 2016

In phase II of Mary Free Bed’s ongoing expansion and renovation, Custer provided design, furniture, and technology services for several of the hospital’s waiting spaces.

Upon entering the hospital, incoming patients are welcomed by a staff member at the height-adjustable podium, which can be adjusted to powered or push wheelchair height. The main atrium is alive with color, aligning with Mary Free Bed’s signature uplifting interiors. Adding a playful and springy air are glass-blown flowers descending in bouquets from the ceiling (not provided by Custer), which inspired the chair color selection throughout the atrium. In the rounded seating areas are side tables with integrated power, allowing guests to wait for extended periods without their devices losing battery life.

Custer also provided the expansive video wall in the atrium, which projects anything from marketing materials during day hours to movies over the weekend. The entire space can be transformed for patient entertainment and a range of functions for the rehab hospital.

Other technology in the space includes an interactive heat-sensor technology wall and bench, which were not provided by Custer but were installed by our technicians. The bench itself lights upon touch, and the wall lights with the heat of passerby.

Nearby, a library functions as a casual waiting space for guests and a meeting area for patients and families. Adjacent to the wall are two tables with iPads, free for anyone to use; the tables are at two different heights to accommodate wheelchairs. Next to the library is a Biggby Cafe, with cheerful cafe seating where employees and patients can enjoy a coffee.

Serving patients with a variety of needs, the rehabilitation hospital also offers a low-stimulation waiting area. The fabrics in this area are free of contrast, depth and color, and the furniture was selected for long-term comfort. While the lights were raised for photography purposes, most often they are dimmed to create a more relaxing environment.

Custer has been an ongoing partner to Mary Free Bed for their addition, renovation, and their future spaces. Stay tuned for more updates on the project!

Salesperson: Megan Kuzma
Project Manager: Tina Frain
Designer: Beth Bronson
Technology Salesperson: Mike Christe

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