Godwin Heights High School Transforms Library into Collaboration Center

By  April 29, 2019

Godwin Heights Public Schools
Wyoming, MI
March 2019

Godwin Heights High School transformed their outdated library into a modern collaboration center for their students. Melissa Musial, Godwin Heights’ Instructional Specialist/SIG Coordinator, applied for a state grant and was awarded the funds to make this renovation possible. The flexible space holds multiple classroom areas for group discussions, various tables and lounge areas for small meetings, privacy walls for small group rooms, and Steelcase Brodys for heads down work. Our partner company, Renegade, created a large curved custom piece for additional desk seating.

Salespeople: Emily Heilig
Project Manager: Tina Frain
Designers: Heather Harrington & Angela Crete

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Emily Heilig

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