FlexTech High School Rethinks Classroom Design with Flexible Furniture

By  August 16, 2018

Morey FlexTech High School ClassroomMorey FlexTech High School will welcome students this fall with a brand new, creative learning environment equipped with furniture that supports the school’s project-based learning model.

“FlexTech recognizes that students have unique learning styles and it’s important to offer classrooms that support each students’ needs,” Lana Voelker, Director of Education Sales at Custer. “Furniture plays an important role in helping students focus and feel comfortable. We worked with FlexTech to create an environment with flexible options to enhance learning, collaboration and creativity.”

Morey FlexTech High School offers an innovative education option for students in Isabella County that focuses on project-based learning. In a project-based learning model, students are tested on their knowledge through application in group projects and presentations. The Shepherd campus is the third FlexTech location to open in Michigan. It will be housed in the high school building of the Morey Education Center in Shepherd, which hasn’t been used since its high school closed in 2009.

FlexTech High School Collaboration Room

“Our classrooms don’t look like the traditional classroom many people may have experienced when they were in school. We have the ability to rearrange our space to support different projects and create new settings for students,” said Philip Janis, Principal of Morey FlexTech High School. “What excites our students and staff about our school is that every day is different, and our furniture reflects that. The furniture provided by Custer allows us the flexibility needed to empower our students to do their very best.”

Custer brought in furniture that can be easily and quickly rearranged to accommodate small and large group projects, presentations and other collaboration settings. The flexible furniture reduces the time needed to set up a classroom for learning, adding more time to instruction and hands-on learning.

Custer provided solutions for tables, seating, lounge furniture and collaborative settings as well as design consultation for the space.

Morey FlexTech High School

“Students truly get to make the classroom their own and help shape the culture of our school, and this furniture helps us do that,” said Janis. “We are proud to offer students the environment and tools they need to succeed, and we looking forward to seeing how students transform our space this fall.”

Morey FlexTech High School currently serves grades 9-10 and plans to expand to grades 9-12 in the coming years. Approximately 40 students are enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year. For more information, visit

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