Faculty Spaces Whitepaper and Design Ideabook

By  October 12, 2018

Faculty officeThe work of faculty is critical to an institution’s success. To support faculty needs, education workspaces must be as high-performing as the people who work in them. We invite you to browse these new resources:

“The Future of the Faculty Office” by Jeff Selingo 
Rethinking Traditional Spaces to Create a Student-Centered University

Jeff Selingo has written about higher education for two decades. He is the author of three books, the newest of which, There Is Life After College (HarperCollins, 2016), is a New York Times bestseller. Named one of LinkedIn’s must-know influencers of 2016, Jeff is a special advisor and professor of practice at Arizona State University, a visiting scholar at Georgia Tech’s Center for 21st Century Universities, and a regular contributor to the Washington Post.

Steelcase Education sponsored this research that Mr. Selingo conducted independently.  Faculty space

Faculty Spaces Ideabook

An ideabook tailored for A+D to provide design principles and application thoughtstarters when designing faculty spaces.

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Custer is proud to bring you insights from our partner, Steelcase.
Custer is proud to bring you insights from our partner, Steelcase.

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