Hear from a Teacher Who Took Our Education Furniture for a Test Drive

By  October 27, 2016
Lacey took Custer's education furniture for a test-drive.

Lacey Hudson, who is an early elementary teacher at Manistee Public Schools, took new education furniture for a test-drive in her classroom. The result? “Students love being in my classroom,” she said.

Custer’s education team is making it possible for educators and students to experience excellent classroom furniture. For many educators, time and funding simply do not allow for explorations into new, innovative offerings, so the Custer team is bringing education furniture to them! Armed with all the elements of an active learning environment — including Node desk chairs,  mobile Verb tables,  Verb whiteboards with storage, and Campfire screens for privacy — Custer installed the education furniture in schools across western and northern Michigan.  One of the recent stops on our furniture test-drive tour was the classroom of Lacey Hudson, an early elementary educator at Manistee Public Schools. After spending time teaching with the new education furniture, Lacey shares reflections on her experience, her environment, and her students’ reactions.

Custer: How have you been using the new education furniture in your classroom?
Lacey: The chairs and tables were a great addition to my classroom. I was able to easily move them around for different groupings and to turn students away from each other when needed. The white board cart was also helpful. I liked putting it as a physical divider between students during testing situations, and to separate kids that who insist on chatting with their neighbors. The white boards were also portable enough to take outside to do hands-on, outdoor lessons. The campfire screen was nice to separate a table from the door. It made it so students weren’t distracted when someone was walking in the hall.

This active learning environment at Manistee Public Schools was made possible by Custer.

Lacey provided a photo of her classroom at Manistee Public Schools, featuring the new education furniture.

What impact has the setting had on you, your students, and your classroom?
The color and style of the chairs have really changed how my classroom feels. The bright colors took what is an old building and classroom, and really brightened it up. My students always say that my classroom looks “high-tech like [their] teacher.” The table’s light color especially made the atmosphere of the room feel lighter and newer. Students are excited to be in my classroom because the furniture looks so cool and is different from the other rooms. As for me, the furniture has made my classroom more welcoming and has really helped me feel great about the space I spend most of my time in.

What would or could be possible with the new education furniture if it was available to you throughout the school year?
The classroom is futuristic looking and the students love the style of the furniture. Different flexible seating options would be available if the classroom was available for the year. My classroom is small, so I have very limited options with where to fit the furniture, but the furniture moves with ease and makes grouping in different arrangements a breeze.

Stay tuned as we share updates from other educators who are test-driving our education furniture. Interested in making your classroom a stop on our test-drive tour? Connect with our education team to learn more.

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