Watch: Todd Custer and Jody Poole Discuss Custer Showroom Design

By  January 19, 2017

Designed to tell our story and support our diverse employees, the Custer showroom is an example of all that we can do. From custom-built interior architecture, to furniture, flooring, and technology, Custer can do it all. In this video testimonial, hear from Custer’s Chief Operating Officer Todd Custer and Interior Project Designer Jody Poole on how our newly remodeled space is tailored to our brand, culture, and needs.

“The space, one hundred percent, represents a true integration, one-stop shop for all our services,” said Todd Custer, President and COO.  “The space has been redefined [to] where it’s much more vibrant–the colors, the finishes, the atmosphere is new and fresh.”

Jody Poole, the interior project designer for Custer’s showroom, agrees.

“The space as it is now is nothing like what it was before we got to it,” Jody said. “From a square footage standpoint, I don’t really think that we gained a ton of space. But we were smarter about how we used what we had.”

A true ecosystem of spaces, the new Custer showroom includes a design library, multiple conferencing areas, workstations for several teams, collaborative work zones, private seating, and a private office. For more information on the space, read this blog post that details the design intent for the second floor showroom environment.

Interested in taking a tour of the Custer showroom for yourself? Click here to schedule a walk-through and hear how we can create a work environment that works for you.

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