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Real Estate & Development

Custer Acquires Productive Business Interiors

Now announcing our latest expansion, this time in a new market!
By  September 8, 2019

We’re Amping Up Our Commitment to Exceptional Spaces with Two New West Michigan Showrooms

West Michigan businesses and A&D community can now experience Custer’s commitment to creating exceptional spaces in two newly...
By  July 1, 2019

Optimize Your Work Environment with Steelcase’s Workplace Advisor Study

If you’re looking for actionable research for your very own workplace, look no further than Steelcase's Workplace Advisor Study.
By  April 15, 2019

Create More Connected Teams with an Agile Work Environment

Todd Custer explains the meaning of an agile work environment and how organizations can think about work through an agile lens.
By  February 7, 2019

Our Solutions to 9 Common Workplace Challenges

We take a look at nine common workspace challenges and ways Custer can help organizations create environments that empower...
By  September 13, 2018

The Culture of Modern Craft: A Point of View

Craft and creativity are defined, explored and celebrated as the lens through which our partners approach their design-driven...
By  June 19, 2018

HR Advocates Help Create Right Work Space

HR professionals focus their time day in and out on employee-related issues. How physical environments can be a tool to improve...
By  June 12, 2018

Creating Conditions for Agile

Curious about an Agile work journey? Agile is a framework or system for new ideas – how they are rapidly iterated, improved and...
By  June 12, 2018

From Biophilia to Authenticity: The Global Trends Impacting Color

Global Trends: why certain design directions are gaining traction and what people really need in the workplace. Connections...
By  June 12, 2018

Designed for Quick Sits – Meet Campfire Pouf

Ideal for casual meeting spaces & impromptu collaboration, Campfire Pouf can promote casual interactions making it easy for...
By  June 1, 2018