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5 Innovative Products That Show What’s Next for the Workplace

Wondering what’s next for the workplace? You’re not alone. Last week, thousands of people streamed to the Merchandise Mart in...
By  June 24, 2016

Make Work Healthier With Movement

How sedentary are you at work? In today’s busy day and age, it may seem that more people are moving around than ever. But in...
By  June 7, 2016

Creating Social Destinations at Work

Organizations are placing increased emphasis on work spaces that promote social connections and information sharing. Imagine...
By  June 7, 2016

Upcoming Events in Healthcare Design & Innovation

The dialogue on health and wellbeing will be open at two important national events this summer. We’re excited to...
By  June 6, 2016

New Insights and Inspiration for Education Places

We are pleased to introduce the newest volume of the Steelcase Education Insights + Applications Guide – sharing research and...
By  April 1, 2016

Design Environments that Boost Healing + Comfort

A well-designed and well-hosted environment including amenities, artwork, natural light and views of nature can elevate mood and...
By  April 1, 2016

Friends at Work Help You Do More and Better

Socializing at work helps you feel connected to your peers and the company at large, providing a refreshing boost of energy and...
By  April 1, 2016