Custer’s Technology Team Outfits BizBox Trailer for Local Energy Company

By  April 24, 2019

Local Energy Company
March 2019

A local energy company needed a mobile and versatile technology solution for their energy efficiency training program. The trailer, manufactured by BizBox, would be brought to expos and to their customers for on-site training sessions.  Custer’s technology and furniture teams came together with our partner companies, Renegade and CS Erickson, to provide an all-inclusive solution. The interior of the trailer includes a 65″ touch screen in the front, two 55″ Samsung FLIP touch displays on the side and a beautiful dual-sided OLED display in the window for both inside and outside presentation of content.

The trailer contains a mobile 4G network and WiFi, so employees and guests can access the internet regardless of the trailer’s location.

A JBL soundbar is used to listen to video inside the trailer. For outside audio, Sonance VPX series accommodates music, video, and a wireless microphone for a presenter. The audience’s voice is amplified by use of a wireless CatchBox microphone.

The entire system is controlled on a 7″ Crestron touch screen and can be easily configured for many different modes, whether it’s a trade show, a training session, or a mobile reception for potential clients.

Salesperson: Mike Christe
Project Manager: Jerry Charon
Systems Design Engineer: Kirk Griffes

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Mike Christe
Sales Advisor | Technology

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