Berkshire Hathaway Makes a Home in Cheery Traverse City Office

By  August 29, 2016

Traverse City, MI
November 2015

Sitting around a table with all your coworkers is a terrible idea.

At least that’s what Angie DiLorenzo thought. When her new office space at Berkshire Hathaway was undergoing a renovation, the idea of a collaboration space went against DiLorenzo’s chosen method of working in the solitude of a quiet office.

“I’m the type of person that when I come to work I have to be in the office with a closed door so I can concentrate,” DiLorenzo said. “Collaboration space, I thought, was stupid.”

But after eight months of working in Berkshire Hathaway’s newly renovated space at 630 West Front Street in Traverse City, DiLorenzo recognizes the merit of more than just private work spaces.

“You know what? People love it,” DiLorenzo said. “My clients and a lot of the people here now prefer to collaborate and be together and sit and talk and get their stuff done, so really the collaboration space has been great for us to have.”

Berkshire Hathaway’s collaborative environment allows the fifteen employees to connect with each other, with clients, and with pertinent information. Thankfully, even with the addition of these collaboration spaces, DiLorenzo did not have to compromise on her quiet work zone. Employing Custer’s space-planning services and furniture solutions, Berkshire Hathaway’s new office features both individual and shared spaces, allowing employees to choose where and how they work best. Whether users want to collaborate around a table or close the doors on their private offices, the new office has the furniture and space to support both.

New to the Traverse City market, employees of Berkshire Hathaway worked out of a temporary location in the area before renovating the location on Front Street. Seeking a permanent location to communicate their long-term commitment to the city, Berkshire Hathaway selected the Front Street location with plans to renovate. Unsure where to begin, DiLorenzo partnered with Custer and Houtteman Interiors to complete their office space. Now, with a permanent location and a multifunctional space, DiLorenzo and her team have the option to work where and how they want.

“I love it. I absolutely love it,” DiLorenzo says of the new office. “It’s beautiful, a beautiful space. The way it’s decorated, the use of the space, it’s just wonderful. Completely bright and cheery.”

This article was originally published in the Traverse City Business News.

Salesperson: Susan Britten
Designers: Pam Houtteman (Houtteman Interiors) & Beth Swanson (Custer)

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