Custer Inc. Reveals New Grand Rapids Griffins Conference Room for 2017-18 Season

Custer Inc. announced today the opening of our second Grand Rapids office at 320 Hall St. SW.
By  November 29, 2017

Three Tips for Making a Smart Investment In Your Workspace

Whether moving or renovating, commercial clients make a significant investment into their organization when overhauling their...
By  November 21, 2017

New AV Technology Gives an Inside Look at Kent County’s Recycling Program

Custer recently installed new video technology at the Kent County Recycling & Education Center that gives the community an...
By  November 8, 2017

Creative Ways to Spend your West Michigan Winter

Somehow it’s November. We’re not really sure how that happened, but here we find ourselves with shorter days, the...
By  November 8, 2017

Custer Inc. Completes Major Expansion with Second Grand Rapids Office

Custer Inc. announced today the opening of our second Grand Rapids office at 320 Hall St. SW.
By  October 30, 2017

4 Ways Classroom Design Can Help Students with Anxiety

Restlessness. Fidgeting. Trouble concentrating and rising heart rate. Anxiety symptoms can cause significant disruptions to...
By  October 26, 2017

How the Right Workplace Technology Promotes Innovation

Think you don’t need creative spaces? Think again. In March of this year, Steelcase and Microsoft announced their collaborative...
By  October 11, 2017

How These 3 Organizations Are Designed to Provide Healthcare in West Michigan

To live in West Michigan is to live in one of the nation’s top-ranked medical centers of excellence. While this designation...
By  October 5, 2017

And the winner of the 2017 Cover the Can Competition is…

With all the ballots cast and counted, the winner of the 2017 Custer Cover the Can Competition is...
By  September 28, 2017

Real Estate Brokers, What Challenges do Your Clients Face?

What challenges do your clients face when seeking new real estate opportunities? From talent attraction to technology adoption,...
By  September 21, 2017