The Culture of Modern Craft: A Point of View

Craft and creativity are defined, explored and celebrated as the lens through which our partners approach their design-driven...
By  June 19, 2018

HR Advocates Help Create Right Work Space

HR professionals focus their time day in and out on employee-related issues. How physical environments can be a tool to improve...
By  June 12, 2018

Creating Conditions for Agile

Curious about an Agile work journey? Agile is a framework or system for new ideas – how they are rapidly iterated, improved and...
By  June 12, 2018

From Biophilia to Authenticity: The Global Trends Impacting Color

Global Trends: why certain design directions are gaining traction and what people really need in the workplace. Connections...
By  June 12, 2018

Steelcase Health Showroom Refresh

Refreshed portions of the Grand Rapids Steelcase Health showroom to better showcase product and surface materials in three main...
By  June 12, 2018

Designed for Quick Sits – Meet Campfire Pouf

Ideal for casual meeting spaces & impromptu collaboration, Campfire Pouf can promote casual interactions making it easy for...
By  June 1, 2018

An Arizona State University Study: Movement in the Workplace

Studying movement in the workplace, ASU set out to measure the effects of the physical work environment on health, cognition and...
By  June 1, 2018

Activating Large Classrooms with Verb

The Verb Active Media Table – a solution specifically designed to support different learning modes in large active classrooms.
By  May 24, 2018

Fostering Soft Skills in Students

The soft skills most desired by employers are communication skills, teamwork and empathy, combating ambiguity and overcoming...
By  May 17, 2018

Steelcase in Interiors & Sources: The Unexpected Vernacular of Health

The vernacular of creating approachable and clinically relevant spaces address clinical requirements and support desirable,...
By  May 17, 2018