3 Ways to Save Money When Updating Your Workspace

By  August 30, 2016

Creating a more effective workplace is critical to an organization’s success. Here are three ways to save money when updating your work environment.

By now, most of us know that great environments are good for organizations. Spaces that support and inspire employees can aid in attracting and retaining top talent, cutting down on distractions, fostering innovation, and supporting overall wellbeing. But even while acknowledging this reality, much of the world’s workspaces remain unsupportive and uninspiring. So what gives?

In our time designing and building interiors, one of the most common hesitations we’ve heard from our clients is the cost of workplace renovations. With even a basic gauge of costs, the numbers add up quickly: demolition, construction, carpet, lighting, furniture, someone to manage it all. We understand the intimidation. That’s why we’ve gathered three ways to save money and time (which is money) on your new workspace. Ready to be put at ease about updating your interiors? Let’s begin!

1 .  Don’t bid out your project. By not going to bid with your interior project, you are able to be more strategic about purchasing. When bidding out a project, responders are likely to give you flat rate options, which can inhibit price transparency. By working alongside partners outside of a bid process, you are able to review the costs of products and services in more detail, swapping out selections until you’re at a price that’s comfortable.

2 .  Consolidate your contractors. By using one full-service partner instead of several single service contractors, your purchasing power will increase (and your headache will be greatly mitigated). As with the point above, by working with one partner instead of several, you are able to adjust pricing in every line of service until you get to a total cost that’s comfortable. What’s more, that full-service provider can help you save money by offering high volume level discounts, which would not be possible through multiple contractors.

3 . Financing. Custer and Steelcase have partnered to provide 0% interest for 24 months for qualified customers, making the financing decision an easy one for many. While our customers can finance their projects with other banks, only Steelcase Financial Services (SFSI) provides financing without interest. This option has several layers of benefits: it protects your company credit line; monthly payments may be treated as tax-deductible operating expenses; your capital can be invested in other ventures such as technology, equipment, etc.; and flexible payment and end-of-term ownership options allow you to pick the program that best fits your budget or long-term space plan.

Creating a more effective workplace is critical to an organization’s success.  At Custer, we try to provide options to help you save money and to make updating your workspace as easy and attractive as possible. We take care of everything through our simple process and complete offering of services, so you don’t have to go anywhere else. To learn more, explore the Custer Experience or connect with us here. We would love to hear from you.

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