What Challenges Do You Face?

No matter your need, Custer can meet it. We understand the array of challenges faced by individuals and teams alike, and are dedicated to finding the solution that works best for your unique work and workers.

Inefficient real estate

Though work has adapted to the rapid changes in mobility and technology, the workplace has been slow to catch up. Space is wasted by unused and antiquated furniture, and real estate expansions aren’t always feasible.

Too much noise

One of the greatest distractions when doing our work is, in fact, the work of others — from phone calls to nearby conversations to the buzz of an ongoing meeting, the noise in your space can detract from the quality of your work.

Obsolete technology

More than ever, distributed teams are working together across distances through the use of technology. Other teams are gathering around digital information in presentations or meetings. But all too often, the technology doesn’t do all it can or should to promote easy, efficient sharing.

Attracting & retaining top talent

The search for great people is one shared by every organization. In today’s economy, top talent has the option to choose where and how they’d like to work. Routinely, the most supportive and attractive work environments draw in the most talented and engaged workers.

No space to collaborate

Important decisions, big ideas, and complex projects require meetings to reach their potential. But for many organizations, collaborative space is in short supply. When teams need a place to meet, either no space is available or the existing options don’t support a range of meeting needs.

Employee disengagement

Recent research shows that 1 in 3 employees are disengaged at work, costing organizations money, slowing projects, and draining efforts and resources. While many organizations can absorb the cost of a few disengaged workers, most cannot afford such a high level of disengagement.

Outdated interiors

Old, uninspiring workspaces struggle to support the physical, cognitive, and emotional needs of employees. Without investment into their space, employees can struggle to engage with their work and one another.

Rapidly growing team

Growth is a great thing; that is, until you aren’t able to sustain it. With a team that’s multiplying in size, it can be difficult to give every employee a space while maintaining effective adjacencies and a productive environment.

Disconnected company culture

For any organization, as important as developing your finest product or most effective service is establishing your culture. But too often the workplace is an overlooked variable in developing company culture, resulting in a disconnect between what organizations say they value and what values they actually support.

Custer makes it easy & exciting to renovate your work space, creating an environment that fits just right.